Towards sustainable batteries based on silicon, sulfur and bio-mass derived carbon

2BoSS will develop sustainable batteries compatible with the circular economy by: 1) validating a silicon-sulfur battery technology designed to minimize the use of CRMs, provide optimized performance, and enable the circular use of material resources; 2) validating effective recycling strategies for the separation and reuse of raw materials; 3) assessing the cost, life cycle, and environmental, health and safety impact; and 4) designing high-performance products and their scaled-up manufacturing.

2BoSS will validate a battery technology supported on a cobalt-free Li2S-based cathode and a graphite-free silicon-based anode, using nitrogen-doped carbon cloths obtained from organic waste as current collector. Besides improving performance and minimizing the use of CRMs, a key advantage of the battery technology proposed is the easier recycling of its raw materials.