DIN SPEC – According to the German Institute for Standardization (DIN), a DIN SPEC is the fastest way to turn research into a marketable product. It consists of a standard that is developed within a few months in small working groups and is not subject to approval. DIN ensures that a DIN SPEC does not conflict with existing norms and standards. There are currently 152 ongoing and published DIN SPECS based on the PAS procedure (PAS = “Publicly Available Specification”).

The Cleopa experts have worked on the development of several DIN SPEC standards which have been published and are available for free download. We ensure that quality and safety levels are in line with customer requirements.

List of DIN SPECs

  • DIN SPEC 4997 – “Privacy by Blockchain Design: a standardized procedure for processing personal data using blockchain technology”
  • DIN SPEC 3104 – “Blockchain-based validation of data”. Ref: BlockOne “Use Case ‘Blockchain notary’”
  • DIN SPEC 77008 – “Requirements on a digital end-to-end process between residents, real state managers and service providers.”
  • DIN SPEC 92000 – “Data Exchange on the Base of Property Value Statements”
  • DIN SPEC 91394 – “Digitalization of parking processes- Data Interfaces”
  • DIN SPEC 91392 – “Marketplace for cloud-based ICT products – Requirements for platform capable ICT services”
  • DIN SPEC 27557 – “European Cloud Service Data Protection Controls Catalogue”
  • DIN SPEC 3103 – “Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies in application scenarios for Industry 4.0 ”
  • DIN SPEC 91410-1 – “Provision of flexibility for the congestion management of electrical power grids – Requirements for the voluntary participation of suppliers in a flexibility platform.”
  • DIN SPEC 33453 – “Development of digital service systems”
  • DIN SPEC 3105-01 – “Open Source Hardware – Part 1: Requirements for technical documentation”
  • DIN SPEC 2343 – “Transmission of language-based data between artificial intelligences – Specification of parameters and format”

CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA)

In addition to the DIN SPECs, Cleopa GmbH has been involved in the development of CWAs (CEN Workshop Agreement). CEN, the European Committee for Standardization, is one of three European standards organizations (together with CENELEC and ETSI) responsible for the development and establishment of voluntary standards at European level. A CWA is an agreement drawn up at European level under the project management of the European Standards Institute CEN.

  • CWA 17437:2019 – Innovative and adaptable envelopes over existing façades in building refurbishment – Design, economic assessment, logistics and installation guidelines (BRESAER)
  • CWA 17675 – Mapping of the mandatory and voluntary Carbon Management framework in the EU
  • CWA 17815 – Materials characterization – Terminology, metadata and classification

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