Less energy, smarter buildings

Cleopa is among other great partners, part of the PRECEPT project. PRECEPT aims to enable the “smooth” and at almost zero operational costs transformation of conventional residential buildings into highly efficient proactive residential buildings reaching an ambitious goal of 15% cost savings yearly improving in parallel the occupants’ well-being. Within the PRECEPT project a questionnaire was developed and published, which aims to transform conventional residential buildings into highly efficient and proactive ones by saving energy and improving the occupants’ well-being.
The purpose of this questionnaire is to collect the needs and requirements of the end-users concerning the building automation and control technologies. Your contribution would be highly appreciated it. It will just take you 5-6 minutes and you will help us to define the bases for the development of the PRECEPT solution.
Click here to go directly to the questionnaire and here to get more information about the PRECEPT project.