A novel decentralized edge-enabled PREsCriptivE and ProacTive framework for increased energy efficiency and well-being in residential buildings

PRECEPT aims to enable the “smooth” and at almost zero operational costs transformation of conventional residential buildings into highly efficient proactive residential buildings reaching an ambitious goal of 15% cost savings yearly improving in parallel the occupants’ well-being. The ultimate goal is to develop and deploy emerging user-centred and cognitive-driven techniques and fog- computing (Edge-Enable Proactiveness-EEP) devices for the transformation of residential buildings into proactive ones, while improving not only their energy-efficiency, but also the User Comfort, Safety and Health (EE&CSH) in a highly intelligent and delicate manner all different energy and well-being influencing devices of the building (PP-BMS). Special attention in the deployment of cutting-edge systems (EEP device and PP-BMS) will be given towards embed “plug-n-play”, self-learning, self- adaptive and self-cognition attributes.

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