eUMaP: project Development of a Utilities Management Platform for the case of Quarantine and Lockdown

The COVID-19 pandemic the whole world is dealing with, has fundamentally changed the ordinary way of life and the established processes of all operations, including the most critical ones such as the energy system, the health system and economic models that keep the societies functioning. In this moment the focus of the world is turned towards the health sector with world leaders striving to retain their national health systems from collapsing; the economy has been into an artificial coma, whereas the building utilities systems, including energy, water, telecommunication and waste systems, have been asked to act immediately in response to these unprecedented conditions, putting extreme pressure to the public utilities systems. The aim of the project Development of a Utilities Management Platform for the case of Quarantine and Lockdown – eUMaP is to implement multi-disciplinary activities that will lead to the development of an open platform through which local authorities will be able to plan and manage the demand and supply of building utilities in case of a quarantine or a lock down, including energy, water, waste and telecommunication networks. The project aspires the integration of a number of active fields of research, including spatial planning, digital technology monitoring and management, building design modelling, building energy assessment, water and waste resources management, and telecommunication and web-enabled information retrieval for the delivery of a methodology for the automatic and timely provision of real-time data to public utilities operators. Through a partnership of universities, research institutions, and enterprises across all fields of investigation, the appropriate tools will be further investigated and developed, which will allow the integration of all enabling technologies within the proposed platform, aiding in this manner public services operators to interact with and timely respond to the needs of the real-world environment, under any situations and especially under conditions of social, economic, environmental and health crisis.

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