Cleopa is working with partners to develop a new CWA

Cleopa experts have been involved in the preparation of several DIN SPECs and CWAs. According to the German Institute for Standardization, a DIN SPEC is the fastest way to transform innovative solutions into a marketable product. It consists of a consortium standard that is developed within a few months in small agile working groups.

The CWA, titled “Mapping of the mandatory and voluntary carbon management framework in the EU,” on which Cleopa GmbH collaborated, has now been completed and published as CWA 17675.

The CEN and CENELEC CWA 17675, promoted and led by Aequilibria Srl, aims at increasing the integrated knowledge of mandatory norms and EN and ISO – International Organization for Standardization standards, but it also highlights the existing contact points between these norms and the aspects where it is possible to increase synergies in order to promote effective actions for Greenhouse gas emissions reduction.

An overview of all published CWA’s in which Cleopa GmbH is involved can be found here.

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